Welcome to Pneumatic stores

Pneumatic stores is based in Coimbatore, India. Established in 2014, we focus on supplying the latest in pneumatics and vacuum, industrial automation releated products and have established a name in the Indian market for the quality of our products and excellent after sale service. 

We have developed and offer a unique value proposition in the form of Complete Customer Care to our customers which have now become an integral part of our business. We have a respectable list of MNC and indigenous clients all over the country, who insist on buying from us all the items that we are supplying in order to ensure trouble free production and maintenance in their plants. A well equipped infrastructure with an extensive sales and service network has helped us gain and retain market leadership.

With technology comparable to global standards, Pneumatic stores is committed to maximize safety, efficiency and eco-friendliness. Our customer base includes leading corporations across a multitude of different industries. At Pneumatic stores, we are committed to Customer Delight.


We aim to change the way the Industrial Sourcing happens in India. This web-store is a combination of the convenience of web based shopping and technical expertise generated through years of experience in industrial supplies and services.

We welcome your suggestions to improve our services and make it more convenient and useful for you. Please write to us at [email protected]